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Acoustic doors

Noise cancellation doors

Available for specification, finishing, appearance, hardware customization, double door as well. 

The structure is more solid and firm, and the appearance is more generous and novel so that you can see the door without seams and block the sound.

The new technology and new material obtained excellent STC data on computer calculation, and the lab testing result highly consist on such sound insulation performance. The thermal-magnetic damping sealing tape and silent door lock increases sound insulation coefficient while effectively reduces the noise from door page collision and lock mechanism when switching.

G50MResidence noise cancellation doors

Residence Acoustic door

Suit for bedroom, study room, home theater and HiFi room.

For recording studio and live broadcasting door

Commercial Acoustic door

Designed for classroom, musical room, recording studio and live broadcasting.

hotel, office and real estate

Engineering Acoustic Door

Made for hospital, gerocomium, KTV, night club, bar, hotel, office, real estate and stars hotel.


Turtorial on how to install noise cancellation door (Acoustic door)

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