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Wooden and Steel Noise Cancellation Doors

Over the course of our pioneering history, spanning over 60 years, we have evolved into the world’s largest provider of noise control products and systems. Our excellent reputation has been built on our commitment to design and manufacture top quality products to make the world a quieter place. We recognise that understanding our clients’ requirements and goals is the key to our success. With that in mind, we look forward to doing business with you – wherever you are in the world.

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Wooden and steel Noise cancellation doors

Our noise cancellation product

G50MResidence noise cancellation doors
Residence Acoustic Door, wood

Suit for bedroom, study room, home theater and HiFi room.

For recording studio and live broadcasting door
Commercial Acoustic Door, wood

Suit for musical room, classroom, recording studio and live broadcasting.

hotel, office and real estate
Engineering Acoustic Door, wood

Suit for office, hotel, real estate, star hotel, hospital, gerocomium, night club, ktv and bar.

Movable Silence Booth

In our designing process, we fully utilize acoustic simulation software such as INSUL MARSHALL ACOUSTIC to iterate and obtain optimal acoustic performance.